Air Fryer Guide

Best Air Fryer- Pre-Purchase Consideration Guide

Who does not love their usual fried food? Fried food is probably the best kind of comfort food that can make anyone feel better. Although, it is a known fact that because of how much oil it contains, it is not the best choice for anyone as it can eventually cause a lot of health issue.

So, once again, thanks to innovation that problem is quite solved. The air fryer will allow you to enjoy your fried foods with less oil quantity without compromising the food taste and quality.

Air Fryer Guide

Finding the Best Air Fryer For You

Although they fall under the same category and function, not all products are the same and finding the right one for you means taking into consideration all existing factors. For air fryer, the factors you would need to consider are the following:

1. Size

Size is a considerable factor because you have to see if there will be a place for it in your kitchen, or your counter top.

            - Can a small air fryer accommodate a large demand?

A regular sized air fryer can hold about 1.8 pounds of food per cooking, and if you are looking at a large serving for a large group constantly, you can go for the extra- large sized air fryer to reduce serving problems.

2. Wattage

A standard air fryer requires an average of about 800 to 1400 watts, and having an outlet in your kitchen that can accommodate that electricity requirement is very important.

3. Setting

Most air fryers can reach a maximum temperature of about 360, some has a timer as well for easier frying. It is important to know what the types of food you will be frying, so that you will have an idea on what will be the best kind of air fryer setting you should have, as they vary on brand and model.

4. Capacity

One of the most important factors that you need to consider is the type of food, and how much of it will you be cooking in your air fryer. This factor is important to know what size of air fryer you should purchase.

5. Price

The most important thing to consider will of course be the budget you are allotting for it. Before considering the air fryer’s brand and model, you have to have a grasp first of the basic features of it.

An air fryer can be a bit expensive when compared to other small kitchen appliances, as it is sometimes considered as an alternative; but if you come to think of it, at some point it is highly economical which will be of benefit to your health as well.

It is important that you know how low can an air fryer cost and what are the factors aside from its basic features , that you should consider before proclaiming one as giving your money’s worth.

6.  Warranty

Before purchasing any products, everyone looks at the warranty terms of it because it is an important factor for your money’s worth. For an air fryer, the average warranty of about two years, but sometimes you must also check with the brand.

Air Fryer’s Healthy Frying Technology

Aside from frying with less oil, there are more health benefits given by an air fryer’s frying technology which can be one of the things you may consider.

Air fryers cook your food with the same quality ad taste, it is just that there is less oil and for some brands, less to almost no fat is outed.

Most air fryer brands and models offer a rapid air technology feature which is good for a low- fat cooking, and it evenly distributes the hot air produced while cooking.

Air Fryer Guide

 Air Fryer Vs Convection Oven

There are many ways or appliances you can use to cook your food and get that crispy and fried texture or quality.

Some may require oil usage, while some simply use the natural oil that is extracted by the raw food being cooked. For some health-conscious foodie, one of the factors that contribute to your body’s overall health is the way your food is made or the way it is cooked.

With this generation being more conscious about what they eat, how their foods get cooked, and basically what goes to their food which contributes to their health, these hot air producing appliances to fry food is becoming a hot commodity.

Air Fryer Guide

What is an Air Fryer?

Air frying is a healthier method than the tradition deep frying of food as it makes you consume lots of oils and calories just because of the process. It is a good and convenient use for everyone, no matter what your life style is: Student, teenager, stay- at- home mom or someone who just do not have all the time.

What is a Convection Oven?

One of the hot air producing kitchen appliances is the convection oven; compared to a conventional or traditional oven, a convection oven is like a turbo broiler which has fans that circulate the air around the food.

The convection oven works like the conventional oven, but it has a larger burner or electric coil which has a fan for an even distribution of the hot air. This oven can be stored or placed at a small shelf in your kitchen as it does not necessarily require a huge space to be allotted for it.

Main Difference of Air Fryer and Convection Oven

It is undeniable that both these kitchen appliances are heat producing wares that provide the satisfying fried taste and textures of food, but like any other products these two also has their comparisons.

       1. Electrical Consumption

With both appliances being electric- based cooking machines, they can be the healthy way of cooking, but they are not necessarily a power saving appliance.

The power consumption for both is proportional to the cooking time and the quantity of food you will be cooking. Meaning, the less food you will be cooking, the lesser time you will need for it to run.

The convection oven can take longer time to cook your food compared to an air fryer.

       2. Food Quality and Quantity

Convection Oven: A convection oven can accommodate any food you want to fry, and it retains the natural juiciness of the poultry and pork variants. It also comes with a toast function, which allows you to enjoy your toasted pieces of bread.

Air Fryer: The air fryer can accommodate just about half of the quantity a convection oven can do, but it is best for reheating your fried foods naturally. It can also help you with some dessert baking, and is best used for a very good quality of your fried chips and fries.

       3. Mechanism of the Air Fryer and convection Oven

Convection Oven:

1. With its size, the convection oven allows a huge quantity of food to be cooked at a time- The convection oven offers a toasting and broiling feature.

2. It retains the natural taste and juiciness of the food, but a tendency of producing a less crispy food.

Air Fryer Guide

Air Fryer:

1. An air fryer uses a rapid air technology which allows it not to require a huge space in your kitchen.

2. With its compact size, the air fryer can only accommodate cooking per batch and smaller amounts.

3. This appliance can provide a better grilling experience.

       4. Weight, Limit, Size and Price

1. The convection oven is definitely bigger than an air fryer, which is why it can accommodate half of what the other cannot.

2. A quality brand and model air fryer can be of equal price as a mid- range convection oven.

Final Verdict

Okay, so both of these kitchen appliances are good tools for easy and convenient cooking. Although, if you have to choose, the first three things you must take into consideration are the following:

           - Your budget. Okay, so your budget may be a bit less than what you want but it is important that you know the basic functions and benefits of each product. They both use hot air to give a more natural cooking feel to your foods, so either will be great.

            - The allotted space in your kitchen. Sometimes, before purchasing any products, it is important that you know where to store it, and if that storage place can accommodate it. It is a factor because these items are your investments, and you would not want your investments to be just lying around without its own space. It also helps with maintenance.

           - Lastly, you have to consider where you will be using it, or your needs. It is one of the important deciding factors as you should simply buy an item that will be catering to your specific needs and how often are these needs done.