Air fryer Vs Deep fryer : Which Is Best ?

Air fryer Vs Deep fryer

Frying gives out that certain satisfaction to your food cravings, or maybe even emotional state to which a food caters to most of the time.

For the longest time, deep frying had been the norm and is considered to be a “traditional” way of cooking. Although, as time go by, people had become more health conscious, that they are more focused on how they process their cooking, and what is mixed in with their food.

What is an Air Fryer?

Air Fryer is probably the best kitchen appliance innovation that helps address the problem of people when it comes to their oily comfort foods.

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that functions well using lots of hot air, which is evenly distributed around while cooking. This way, it does not require using cooking oils to cook your food; for the quality, you also do not need to worry as your food’s quality and taste remain the same, only healthier.

Air Frying is also the newest cooking technique which lessens the need for you to use an excessive amount of fat or oil to get that deep- fried quality.

What is a Deep Fryer?

Deep Frying is basically a cooking method wherein you will submerge the food into hot oil in order to get a crispy, and satisfying food taste and texture. This method had become the most common way of frying, mostly for fast food purposes.

Most commercial deep fryers are seen in fast food restaurants because it is easier when operations and usage are continuous. After sometime, the oil remains hot enough for easy submerging of raw foods and instantly having it cooked ready to serve.

Which one features is the best ?

Air fryer Vs Deep fryer

With the air fryer being the latest cooking innovation, since 1970, it is not a surprise that some people will question its effectiveness, especially when compared to the way of frying that they had grown used to – deep frying.

1. Size and Cooking Capacity

The number one thing that is asked is the size and cooking capacity difference of both fryers; first of all, an air fryer can be smaller since unlike a deep fryer, cooking in it does not really require having lots of hot oil ready for frying.

Air fryers can require less counter top space because of its size, but when it comes to its cooking capacity, it is something you can trust as it can hold about 1.8 to 2.5 pound of foods which can feed a group of four people at max.

Although, if you are looking for the occasional, but big servings of fried foods, then you can use a deep fryer as it has the capacity you would want to hold any type of food that you are cooking. For its size, it would pretty much require a certain space to be allotted for it because most deep fryers have a large size.

2. Cost of Air fryer Vs Deep fryer

Air Fryer: With air fryers being a technology based cooking innovation, air fryers can tend to be a bit more expensive, with a range of about $100 to $200. The final price of which is mostly dictated by the specific technology that this fryer is equipped with, rather than its size; some features are offered depending on the brand and model which can also be a factor of its pricing.

Deep Fryer: Since it is the most commercialized one in the mix, the price of a high-quality fryer may range for about $50 to $100.

3. Healthiness

It is very much said that air fryers are healthier compared with a deep fryer. Air fryers allow you to still have the same fried food experience with less oil used, and is best or suggested for the use of those who are very much health conscious who just could not give up their the satisfaction they receive from fried foods.

4. Versatility

With a fryer’s features being a deciding factor on what type you should get, both deep fryer and air fryer offers different certain functionalities.

Air Fryer: This fryer can easily be cleaned, and can accommodate different food for frying without wastage of oil. It also has a simple touch operating system, which is designed for the user’s convenience. Cooking does not require too much attention as well, with its digital timer or buzzer that comes off when your food is ready.

Deep Fryer: Since a deep fryer setup is basically a basket of hot oil, waiting for the food to be put in for cooking, maintenance is done probably once a day. Uses one set of oil for different dishes fried. This type of fryer also requires attention so that food would not get over cooked or under cooked.

Final Verdict

It is a given that both fryers have their pros and cons, and specific uses; but for the a general perspective, the air fryer is the best choice especially for the generation wherein time is very essential.

Air fryers will not only give you convenience and an easy cooking experience but also give you your money’s worth when it comes to the food it cooks. It also provides you with some health benefits, which lessens the things you have to worry about cooking.

Take into consideration though the place where and how often you will be having fried foods as to make your investment worth it.

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