Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Air Fryer, 16-Quart in Red

Who Is It for?

This air fryer is meant for the conscious eaters that are also conscious and not clumsy. Because of the huge glass component attached, intense care must be taken so that it doesn't fall and break and get ruined. Aside this, this is made for anyone who is looking to eat better and to live a healthier life because no oil whatsoever is needed in cooking with this mine. Also, it has new technology that allows the food that is cooked to be crispy and crunchy without the use of oil. This machine has a big cooking basket and is, therefore, suitable for big families as well.

Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer


Triple Cooking Power

Care was taken so that the food that you put in this air fryer is cooked to the bone. It features a triple cooking power function that ensures that every aspect of the cooking is taken care of. The Halogen feature directly heats up the top of the food to make sure that the outside is nice and golden brown and crispy. The convection feature is a combination of the heating element and the fan. The fan blows the heated air in all directions to ensure that every side of the food is covered and cooker - even the bottom. With Infrared heat, the food is actually cooked from inside out making meats tender on the inside and juicy as well. Together, the system works to cook your food like no other.

Cooks from Frozen

The Big Boss 9063 is advertised to need no thawing time at all. When frozen food is placed inside, it immediately begins cooking. This makes sure that you do not waste time thawing food and you can make food instantly. It is a very convenient feature of this machine.

Double Tray System

This air fryer has an integrated double tray system where one tray sits on top of another one. this is definitely beneficial for cooking a lot more food as well as cooking different kinds of food at the same time. You simply put one on the bottom tray and the other on the top tray, close a start the machine. This is a very simple way to cook multiple foods at once and will save you the hassle of changing the food in your air fryer as well as the time involved to cook multiple batches of food. Have two separate foods in the time that it takes to cook one.

Tight Lid

This air fryer has an airtight lid that does not allow anything to penetrate either in or out. And with the triple cooking power feature, all the heat is retained inside the cooking basket and food is therefore cooked much faster than with other air fryers of its caliber. This is great for people who like to save their time and also like to eat healthy as you do not have to spend much time at all for your meals to be ready to be eaten.

Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Air Fryer, 16-Quart in Red Reviews


Triple Cooking Power

This is definitely one of the most awesome innovations in air fryer systems. You are rest assured that no part of your food will be left raw or uncooked because all measures have been taken by the manufacturers. this will truly enhance your experience with this air fryer.

Double Tray System

Another feature that is absolutely fantastic is the double tray system that allows to you cook two or more different foods at the same time. This is an absolute necessity especially when you are looking to save a lot of time and still be healthy and happy. The double tray system I unique to this air fryer and is a very good addition in my opinion.


Glass Cooking Basket

The cooking basket on the Big Boss 9063 is made out of a thick glass that can easily be broken if care is not taken. Also, the glass does not provide the non- stick qualities like Teflon or Cephalad. Try spraying the glass before use to avoid food bits sticking to it. Also, handle it with care to prevent it from breaking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: Does it come with recipes?

A1: Yes, the Big Boss 9063 comes with a recipe book containing 45 unique recipes to enhance your experience using this fryer and to inspire you towards a healthier way of eating and of living. More recipes can b downloaded on the manufacturer's website.

Q2: What material is the cooking basket made out of ?

A2: This machine has a cooking basket that is made from high-density glass which means that it is very thick and very durable if pristine care is taken of it. Glass is a good medium for conducting heat and is, therefore, appropriate for a cooking basket for an air fryer.

Q3: What comes with the unit?

A3: The unit comes fitted with a 45 paged cook book chock full of exciting recipes, 2 trays that make up the double tray system, a mesh tray that helps with draining of extra fats and oils from the food, lifting tongs so that your hands do not get burned when you attempt to pick the food out of the oven, a ring extender which provides more space for cooking bigger foods (say chicken or turkey) and a cooking guide to help you set up and behind enjoying your Big Boss 9063.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is a very innovative kitchen appliance that greatly helps to improve the lives of Americans and people all over the world. Buy this model if you do not have any kids or you are sure that you will be able to take pristine care of the glass cooking basket that it comes with. If you are able, this is a very excellent machine to spend your money on.

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