GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer


1. Touch Screen Technology:

To select the programs that come with this air fryer, it has included a touch screen for easy use. The touch screen is equipped with a button guard to prevent the accidental detachment of the removable cooking basket. Usage of the touch screen technology is easy, quick and efficient especially for a machine such as this one that gives you many options to work with in terms of settings for cooking food. Also, you are ensured that your food will not come out undercooked as there have been measures put in place to make sure that the basket will not be detached.

2. Adjustable Temperature Control:

The GoWISE USA GW22621 allows you to adjust the temperature for cooking ranging from 175°F to 400°F. The high-temperature ranges allow you to cook a variety of foods with the air fryer because you are assured that the temperature is high enough for food to cook well. The wide range also ensures that you have a lot of options to be able to cook food at the temperature that you prefer.

3. Timer with automatic standby feature:

The timer helps you to set a sort of 'alarm' for when you think that your food will be cooked and when you want to go and check on it. The timer feature on this air fryer allows you to set a reminder for up to 30 minutes after food begins to cook. It also features an automatic standby system that will immediately turn off the machine after the timer goes ogg to prevent overcooking and accidents that may result from the overheating of the heating element and other parts of the air fryer. It will immediately switch to automatic standby as soon as the time that you set is through.

4. ETL Certified:

The GoWISE USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer is ETL certified which means that it is an approved product for safe home use. ETL certification basically means that the device has recieved a stamp of approval and is in compliance with the North American safety standards. You are, therefore, assured that the product has been made with the best materials and with the best connections and is very safe to use in your house and around your children.

5. Seven Built- In Smart Programs:

This air fryer is one of the few that exist that have built- in programs for easier and more efficient cooking. From the touch screen, you will be able to choose a program that will automatically adjust the temperature and timer settings for optimal cooking. Thes programs include: Fish, Chips, Meat, shrimp, chicken, steak or the manual program. The seven programs offered to be chosen from are mostly everyday foods that are a part of the American diet and so it is makes this air fryer very easy to use. With just a tap on the touch sensitive screen, you are good to go because the built- in programs will take care of the rest, making this a very convenient function.

GoWISE USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer


1. Seven Built- In Smart Programs:

This is definitely one of the highlights of this air fryer because it makes it very easy and convenient for use. The wide range of food options also ensures that most meals that you would probably prepare are included in the built- in program list and you will save a lot of time while cooking your food. Also, the timer and temperature settings are automatically determined by the GoWISE USA GW22621 meaning that you will not have to worry about the food until it is done. When it is done, the automatic standby feature will turn off the device so you can put food in the air fryer and leave the house for an extended period and be assured that nothing will go wrong concerning your food.

2.Touch Screen Technology:

This is also definitely one of the best aspects of this machine. Not many air fryers are built with a touch screen function so the GoWISE USA GW22621 stands out in that respect. The touch screen makes it extremely easy to use as you can choose from one of the seven built-in functions with just a tap on the screen. It also makes the machine feel very modern and very well integrated into the times that we live in because the touch screen technology is an integral part of recent technological advancements.


​1. Timer range:

The timer allows for just 30 minutes of cooking at a time before the automatic standby feature kicks in and the device is turned off. For some foods, 30 minutes may not be enough time for cooking. This may mean that you would have to repeat the cycle over and over again. Fix this by preheating the air fryer for three minutes before you put food inside the cooking basket so that food begins cooking directly on impact. Also, you may cut food into smaller pieces or raise the temperature to make the process of cooking much faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What is the cooking basket coated with?

Answer: The cooking basket is coated with non- stick material called Calphalon. This is similar to Teflon that is used in most other non-stick cookware. Calphalon is not reactive to a lot of chemicals and will not release any dangerous chemicals even at high temperature and so this is an extremely safe material to use. Also, due to the fact that it is a non- stick pan, care is very easy. It is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned off with paper towel as well. Several coats of Calphalon have been used to ensure that your cooking basket will last for an extremely long time without needing replacements.

2. Does this item come with an extended warranty?

Answer: All products from GoWISE USA come with a one-year warranty. Take note, however, that the warranty is limited and does not cover damages from over abuse and rough handling of the machine. For up to a year, the company covers part replacements as well as repairs of the machine. Shipping costs are born by you.

3. Is it possible to purchase a cooking basket that is Teflon coated?

Answer: Calphalon and Teflon are both very similar in function but this air fryer comes with a Calphalon cooking basket. However, if you still feel the need to have a Teflon coated cooking basket, you can purchase on the website of GoWISE USA as an extra accessory.

4. Does it include a slow- cooker?

Answer: This air fryer has a slow cooker option that allows you to set the temperature from 176ᵒ to 180ᵒ so that food can be cooked slowly and well. This is also another great function of the GoWISE USA GW22621.

Final Verdict

​This air fryer is a really great option for people that are in search of a machine that is very easy to use and very quick. If you want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible this may be your best shot at the machine requires very little manipulation to produce food that you are guaranteed to love.

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