Troubleshooting Guide

10 Tips for Troubleshooting Air Fryer?

troubleshoot air fryer problems


Possible Causes


The air fryer doesn’t switch on or rotating.

The electrical device doesn’t connect in the right way into the hole or a wall socket.

Locate or place the original plug in an earthed wall socket.

At the moment of using so many questions arise in the user’s mind that the confusion creates problems in the cooking process.

Lack of actual customer service no or lack of communication wrong information may come.

Contact customer service at 800-365-6133 ext. 120/107/105.

Fried or crispy types ingredients is not complete.

The basket is overflowing with excessive ingredients.

It’s warmth situation time is too low.

Besides preparation time is too short.

Consign little quantity of ingredients in the basket or storage bin and lesser capacity are fried additional consistently.

Establish the hotness control as it’s necessary wise.

Also arrange the grounding timer as it’s required.( should follow the manual or booklet for actual temperature setting).

Food ingredients are fried inequitably in the fryer.

At the time of the ingredient arranging period some categorized types of food should be tossed middle way.

Foods that partly cover within the container have to be enthused halfway from beginning to end catering time.

After complete the frying process the snack item are not crispy taste or appearance.

Through the traditional deep frying these snacks must be crispy look.

In bringing crispier form you may easily use in the oven or brush a little bit oily on the crispy ingredient.

Maximum people cannot glide the pan or pot into the electrical device appropriately.

One reason is an excessive ingredient in the basket.

The other is the basket is misplaced incorrectly in the pan.

Moreover the pan is positioned improperly into the air fryer.

Don’t overfill up beyond the basket so that doesn’t cross the maximum level.

There is no doubt that the grip range is flush with the pan.

Always should be conscious that the pan handles are not jamming the top cover.

White smoke comes out from the appliance.

Making slippery means oily or fatty foods are the main cause.

From the preceding utilize the pan still hold slippery residues.

The normally large amount of oil leak into the pan for preparing the fatty food, as a result pan is heated more,but at the end of result it doesn’t work effectively.More grain or vegetable item should be cooked and develop the habit.

After every use the whole cleaning process should be done well fully.

Our super popular french fries are upcoming disproportionately in the air fryer which is not fit for human consumption.

May be your potatoes are not new and clean and are ice- covered.

Your potato strips were not systematically rinsed former to scorching or frying.

You have to use fresh and solid potatoes.Freezing potatoes are not hygienic for home members’ health.

Methodically rinse sliced potato for eliminate all starch from the outside of the sticks prior to frying.

After cooking the french fries in the fryer is not crispy, crunchy which is the main test of french fries.

Basically, perfect crunchiness of the potatoes is directly connected with the accurate quantity of oil and water.

Before you give the oil have to dehydrated correctly.

Potato strips must be cut down a little piece for bringing a crispy taste.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Before cleaning and maintenance you must remove the main plug from the wall socket for quick and well way cool down.Otherwise it will be risky and occur any accident suddenly.
  • The inner parts say trays, rack, pan ,basket every piece of the devices has a non- stick coat.So don’t use any rough, metal things or utensils for cleaning purpose.Because these metal things will damage the non-stick coat.
  • Always swab the inside of the appliance with soggy cloth.
  • The pan and the basket has to clean with warm water, liquid dish soap through the soft non abrasive sponge.
  • Lightly brush may be required to remove the heating rudiments for cleaning the sticky food residue.
  • Never submerge the power cord, plug, or any other body parts of the appliance in the water or liquid soap.
  • Mind it, all parts must be dry after all use and store safely in the cool, dry place before reassemble or restore the parts.

Hiring a Repair Specialist

If your product is not working properly or broken or giving disturbance at the middle cooking time after some times again and again, then you need to hire a repair professional who is able or expert to discover a solution. But firstly you have to follow the booklet guideline, if you failed, then call the repair consultant. In order to repair the air fryer, massive benefits you can get from the hiring professionals.Some are given below:

  • An experienced professional person can easily trace out the actual problem which can solve it by his own best way.
  • Since they are knowledgeable so any difficulties can discover as early as possible means very quickly. It saves time and money. Lesser the repair time, the machine will be working very fast.
  • The well educated specialist has the necessary tools and tackle so as to require to refurbish your apparatus.
  • Professional gave confidence to the user, since they know everything so after repairing it’s prolonged existence is increased.
  • They can identify good or bad result of the product, as a consequence user can get easily and clearly the detailed information of the product like its uses, features, structures, limitations, future protection of the any breakdown.
  • Furthermore, they got an appropriate official document or certificate for their work. Therefore, relax coming out of your life.